Mobile UX Specialist and Creative Professional


The difference between ideas and innovation is execution. 

Jaclyn Clark

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2016 Semi-Finalist NTC "Innovator of The Year"

As the Director of Mobile Innovation, I lead the Mobility Center of Excellence for HCA (Hospital Corporation of America), a Fortune 63 company and leader in the healthcare space. I was brought on board to build a team and culture to attract and recruit top tier individuals who excel in native iOS UX and development. Within the first year of its creation, team positions were filled, enterprise mobile development and design requirements were drafted and published, multiple applications were launched and we drove and piloted an enterprise mobile app that nurses use everyday. (It was a really busy year.)

We're responsible for leading the enterprise in mobile education, consulting and innovative custom developed iOS applications. With an extensive background in mobile UX, I set forth a team culture of discovery driven innovation in which all team members and stakeholders participate in our user-centric and agile approach.

For me, design and mobile have never been on my "plan", it just kind of happened. I got into design because it could solve a problem. For me 10+ years ago it was "I need a show poster for my band but I don't have money to pay a designer." So I learned photoshop. Next it was "I want to make an app, but I don't like the designers that are in our budget." So I learned user experience through Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. Curiosity stirred an itch for photography and videography.....there goes Jaclyn buying a camera and hunkering down with Youtube. The examples continue as does my love for learning, innovating and creativity that extends beyond my day job. 

Jaclyn loves coffee (duh), her husband (he's a rockstar), and rescue dogs Diezel and Lyla.  As an avid DIY home renovator, she enjoys receiving power tools for Christmas. A huge passion in her life is music and songwriting, which is what brought the Minnesotan to Belmont University in Nashville in 2004. Jaclyn has had #1 chart success with Curb Records artist Plumb. Josh and Jaclyn own and operate Graymoor Studios in East Nashville and are currently building a destination recording complex just north of downtown Nashville.